Dr.  Kordic received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Oklahoma and his doctorate from Parker University in Dallas, TX. He is the owner and founder of Elevation Chiropractic in McKinney, TX. Dr. Kordic helps incorporate the information he has learned his entire life regarding nutrition, fitness, and the central nervous system into an easily understood approach to preventative healthcare. He is transforming the health of hundreds of families in the McKinney area while helping them achieve abundant health and teaching them to live up to their full God-given potential.  Dr. Chris is one of the treating doctors to the Allen Americans Hockey Club.

Crissy has been with Elevation Chiropractic since 2012. She loves being able to help people and change their lives and see life changing miracles happen daily. Because of Elevation Chiropractic, she is more conscious about the food she eats and has a complete understanding of what the central nervous system does. She also understands that WE have the power to heal ourselves…ABOVE, DOWN, INSIDE OUT!

thermographyTiffany is Dr.  Kordic’s wife, mother of three beautiful children, and co-owner of Elevation Chiropractic and Elevation Thermography. She received her Bachelor of Arts and Science in Health and Exercise Science with a minor in Biological Science from the University of Oklahoma. She is passionate about her and her family’s health and lifestyle choices. Tiffany is dedicated to educating women and men of all ages regarding the benefits of thermography relating to early disease and cancer detection. Her goal is to change the way the world views preventative health.

Millie has been with Elevation Chiropractic for almost one year. She is passionate about people and health. Her favorite part of being apart of the team at Elevation Chiropractic is making an impact in patients lives each day!